Many Gods West 2015

Hail and welcome!

Many Gods West is a gathering of polytheists of all sorts.

We will be meeting August 5 – 7, 2016, in Olympia, Washington.

Three days of presentations, workshops, panels and rituals. We have forgone the keynote speaker model in order to encourage the event to grow as a gathering of peers. Please see our statement below:

It is with regret that we announce that Sarah Lawless will not be the keynote speaker for Many Gods West 2016. Through more in depth conversations with Sarah, and after greater clarification, we have learned that she does not identify as a polytheist. Since this is a gathering of peers, by polytheists for polytheists, we cannot in good conscience host Ms. Lawless as our keynote speaker. We remain huge fans and great supporters of her work, and Sarah continues to be welcome at our gathering as an attendee.

We humbly regret this error, but the co-organizers of Many Gods West 2016 are grateful for the opportunity to further clarify the vision and purpose of Many Gods West. As a Gathering of Peers, Many Gods West seeks to provide opportunities for growth and exchange within Polytheism. To this end, we will be foregoing a keynote speaker at the conference. Instead we will host an opportunity for greater active engagement among peers. We recognize this is a shift from the standard for conferences, and we hope you will join us in exploring new opportunities within our community. We welcome questions, concerns, or suggestions.


Please join us!

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