Welcome to the new site for Many Gods West!

We’re really honored and excited to be able to host this conference!

At the end of last year’s Polytheist Leadership Conference, lots of people were talking about how incredible the experience was, as well as insisting it should happen again.   Rhyd Wildermuth attended and spoke, while Niki Whiting stayed on the West Coast and had a baby (a decent excuse!)

The three of us began talking, and before we even quite noticed, we’d begun planning Many Gods West.   Plans cascade into other plans, and suddenly you’re securing a hotel and setting up a website and talking to people about speaking and…

Oh!  On that matter…

We’re incredibly pleased to announce our Keynote Speaker for Many Gods West: Morpheus Ravenna!

Other awesome and important things to note:

  • Registration will open at the turn of the year.  We are working on a staggered (earlier-the-better) system, as well as committing to sliding-scale.
  • We are now accepting proposals!  The primary deadline for these is 1 March, 2015.  We hope to feature an exciting and enriching mix of both established presenters and first-time folks, so if you’re new to presenting and would like some help crafting a good proposal, please consider submitting early!
  • We’ve crafted a statement on inclusion which we hope will help guide folks towards understanding the sort of community we hope to encourage.  We are many peoples worshiping many gods, and we wish to celebrate this multiplicity. Please give it a read!
  • Updates on accommodations coming soon.  We’ve reserved an initial block of rooms at the Governor Hotel, with many more available there and nearby.
  • To keep updated, consider subscribing to our blog, or adding us on Facebook or both.  Twitter coming soon, too. (Oh, modernity! )

We’re quite excited.  Did we mention that?

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you soon!

-Niki and Rhyd