Presenter Selection!

We’re pleased to announce the following presenters for Many Gods West have been chosen, along with the initial selections.

Full programming information, including bios. scheduling and presentation description will follow soon!

Sean Donahue: The Rattling at the Gates: The Dead as Allies in Resistance

Elena Rose: Loving Our Monsters

Langston Kahn: Occupy Your Heart: Re-enchantment and Manifestation

Silence Maestas: The Labor of Love: (Re)Valuating the Purpose of Devotional Practice

Sobekneferu: Winning the War: Worshipping Deities Whose Mythology Was
Written by Their Antagonists

Ryan Smith/HUAR: State of Heathenry (Panel)

Galina Krasskova: Evocatio and the Roman State

Bakcheion/Βακχεῖον: Filled with Frenzy (ritual)

River Devora: Furious revels (ritual)

Owen CookKalends of August Ritual for Rome and Augustus (ritual)

Conor DavisAthena, Goddess for Queers

Anomalous ThracianReligions of Relation: Place, Hospitality, and Regional Cultus in Modern Polytheist Religion and Practice

Gordana KokichSlavic Folk Belief and the Rebirth of Rodnovery

Gwion Raven: Ceridwen: A goddess for today, a goddess for change

Michael Strojan: Queering the Goetia

Finnchuill: Becoming Placed: Imagination and Re-enchantment

Coru Cathobodua: Ritual for Cathobodua (Ritual)

Jason Mankey: Wiccans are Polytheists Too (At least Some of us)

Tony Rella: Cutting through the Fog

John Murphy: The Yezidis of Kurdistan

L Phaedras: Anonymous Spirits: On Approaching the Divine without Names or Knowledge

Henry Lauer: Dreaming, Death, and Memory: Sketches for a Heathn Cosmology

Seb Barnett: Androgynous and Gender-Bending Deities

Cara FreyasdaughterFacets of Freya (ritual)