Updates and new registration option

Many Gods West is now less than 2 months away!

We’ve a couple of updates to announce–

We are now offering one-day passes for the event, for those who are unable to attend the entire weekend.  These can be purchased for $25 on Brown Paper Tickets, or $30 the day of the event.

We were notified of two cancellations.  Galina Krasskova and Jason Pitzl both informed us they will be unable to present for the event, and we are still confirming with two alternative presenters.   Once these are confirmed, we will post an updated schedule.

The three organizers of Many Gods West attended a Shinto Shrine to ask for a blessing for the event, and also had an oracle performed regarding its success.  The oracle’s answer? Good Fortune.

And the details of the opening ritual for Many Gods West have been announced.  It will be called:

Many Lands, Many Ancestors, Many Gods, Many People/s

and will involve a purification ritual, as well as the erection of a communal shrine.  Participants are asked to bring the following:

  • –a rock, some soil, or some other piece of the land where they come from (not to be reclaimed)
  • –water from the land where they come from (not to be reclaimed)
  • –an image of a Deity/etc. that they have a long-established relationship with (to be reclaimed)
  • –food or other offerings that can be offered in ritual without making a mess of the space, and receptacles for such if they might be necessary (not to be reclaimed)

A full description can be found here.

More updates, a revised schedule, and other news to come soon.

See you in 8 weeks!!!