Fundraiser Highlight: Bakcheion

As mentioned previously, we’ll be highlighting as many fundraisers for Many Gods West as we can.  While we’ve tried to keep costs for attending as low as possible, travel isn’t cheap!

The first of our highlights?

bakheion  The Bakcheion, a group formed specifically to create a ritual at Many Gods West this year, honoring Dionysos.

Rather than an individual fundraiser, this is a group effort to help offset the costs of travel for individuals within the group, a rather fantastic model of collectivism and mutual-aid.

From their indiegogo campaign:

It is our hope that the work we do and the energy created will have an impact that will resonate throughout the polytheist and pagan community–granting blessings, strengthening bonds and establishing networks. Looking towards the future, the success of this ritual has the potential to be a strong impetus for creating future Dionysian gatherings and events.

They also offer fantastic perks, and there are other ways you can help them, too.

Check them out!  And thanks. 🙂

If you are raising funds to get to Many Gods West, we’d like to boost your signal! 

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