Fundraiser Highlight: Xochiquetzal Odinsdottir

As mentioned previously, we’ll be highlighting as many fundraisers for Many Gods West as we can.  While we’ve tried to keep costs for attending as low as possible, travel isn’t cheap!

Our Next Highlight?

unnamedXochiquetzal Odinsdottir,  an activist and polytheist who has done significant work over the last half-decade with the Pagans of Color Caucus and the Pagans of Color Hospitality suite at Pantheacon.

Activist work leaves little time for personal fundraising; those who give lots of themselves often do so for free.  And according to Xochiquetzal (Xochi for short):
This is where Many Gods West comes in. This is the restorative conference I need. I’m just going as an attendee, no presentations, no roles to fulfill. Just some good down time with my various spiritualists and polytheists; networking for a stronger support web around me. Because it’s frayed and I need to build that up for my continued work in paganism in general.

Any little bit helps! People have donated directly to me via paypal as well and that paid for my room and tickets. Now, I just need to cover the gas money to get to and from Olympia, food needs and offering libations and those types of incidentals.

And Xochi also has plans to donate any excess money raised to help fund the vital work of the People of Color Hospitality Suite at Pantheacon.

Can you help?  Check out her fundraising page, or donate directly to her paypal at

And thanks!!!

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