Fundraiser Highlight: Anomalous Thracian

As mentioned previously, we’ll be highlighting as many fundraisers for Many Gods West as we can.  While we’ve tried to keep costs for attending as low as possible, travel isn’t cheap!

Our Third Highlight?


ThrakeAnomalous Thracian,  one of our presenters and a very fantastic person!

He’s the founder of, an important site of columns and information for the polytheist movement, and has written for PaganSquare, The Wild Hunt, and for the polytheist journal Walking The Worlds

From his fundraising site:

“…a sudden and costly interstate move and unforeseen household medical costs have presented financial obstacles in the Thracian actually -getting- to the event.

Here’s where you come in:

please help out as you can by donating or sharing this campaign on social media, to help pay for the Thracian’s airfare and food. (The campaign goal is set to cover travel costs and food only, not lodging. If more than this is gained, then lodging can also be arranged, but the Thracian is an adaptable sort, and will be quite comfortable sleeping it off in a stairway or service elevator in between speaking events and community dialogs.)”

We look forward to seeing him, and he’s two-thirds to his goal–can you help?


If you are raising funds to get to Many Gods West, we’d like to boost your signal! 

Please email us a link to your campaign at