Many Gods West invites proposals for ninety-minute sessions during the conference.

Please read the Many Gods West Purpose and Inclusivity statements before proposing!

Any proposal which does not respect these statements will not be considered, and any event which violates these terms or the community will be canceled or interrupted at our discretion.

Individuals or groups, both experienced and new to presenting, are encouraged to submit proposals on any topic or theme relating to the broad category of theology and practice known as “polytheism.”

To propose a session, send an e-mail to

Deadline for Submissions is March 1st, 2016.

Please ensure the word “Proposal” appears in the subject line, and include the following:

  • Your name (group or individual)
  • The title of your presentation/session
  • A 100-word bio of yourself or your group.
  • A 100-150-word description of your session/presentation/event/etc.
  • The best e-mail address, postal address, and telephone number for the person in charge of your presentation/session/event.


Due to the likelihood of a great variety of individuals, groups, and events proposing sessions, and the limited number of spaces available for these, please limit yourself to TWO submissions for sessions proposals.


We’re looking for discussions, panels, or lecture-style presentations in the following areas:

  • Particular deities, pantheons, or indigenous and other cultural practices related to polytheisms.
  • The history of polytheism in relation to specific topics.
  • Ethical or theological issues within polytheism. For example: sexual ethics, metaphysics, philosophy, mysticism, environmentalism, animal sacrifice, cultural appropriation, syncretism, economic and governmental issues and  polytheist religions, mental and physical health and polytheism, etc.
  • Different varieties of divine beings apart from deities (e.g. land spirits, ancestors, heroes, daimones and angeloi, elementals, deified abstracts, egregores, etc.).
  • New deities, new traditions, new practices which fall within a polytheistic outlook.
  • Polytheistic elements in other religious traditions and cultures (e.g. Shinto, Hinduism, etc.).

Also, practical workshops and presentations on specific areas of polytheist practice, including:

  • Shrine-building,
  • Daily practice,
  • Prayer and meditation,
  • Writing and research,
  • Pilgrimages,
  • Magical and/or divination techniques,
  • Festival and ritual planning and organization.
  • Making or consecrating ritual items that may be of use to polytheists.
  • Devotional rituals in particular traditions or for particular deities.
  • General or group divinatory sessions (note:  individual divinatory sessions with experienced diviners should be scheduled with them during the conference itself).

And finally,

  • Short dramatic, dance, or musical performances that are devotional and polytheistic in nature and content.
  • Any other presentation, activity, or session that would fall within the broad categories of polytheism, animism, and indigenous spiritual practices.


Thank you for your interest in Many Gods West!